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Welcome to Flower Petal Beads.

We specialize in preserving YOUR special flowers, fabrics, hair and ashes into custom keepsakes. Items that commemorate some of life's most significant moments, including engagement, wedding, anniversary, prom, graduation, retirement, loved ones funeral, loss of a pet or any event special to you.

Currently we specialize in different styles of jewelry, rosaries, book marks, key chains, rear-view mirror dangles and ornaments. New designs are considered and experimented with as time allows.

Now offering: Custom creations from your special clothing, blankets or material that is special to you. Teddy Bear, Christmas Stocking, Christmas ornament, Lap Quilt to name a few. Check back periodically to see what's new.

My Story:

Let me share a bit about how Flower Petal  Beads came to be.

In December 2006 my mom, Donna Jean, passed away. A cousin asked if she could take some flowers from the service. Of course we told her to take what she wanted as they were only going to dry up and crumble anyway. Several months later I was given a bracelet and was told the beads were made from the flowers from Mom's funeral. I loved the bracelet and wanted more items. When we reordered, I was told the wait for items was approx 6-9 months. At the time, I thought 6-9 months was ridiculous, but have since learned the process can be quite time consuming. Well that same year I lost my job. Curiosity got the better of me so I decided I was going to learn to make these beads. Let me tell you, back in 2007, the internet was NOT as full of how to's as it is now!  However, I picked and hunted different information until I found a recipe that I thought created a beautiful, yet durable, flower petal bead. A couple family and friends worked with me on jewelry design techniques and the rest is history.

The people that I have met and continue to meet are amazing. Some families that like quick and quiet transactions and then other families like to share their life stories. I love the people that I meet and enjoy all their stories they entrust me with.

God Bless,
Dana Jo Krohn
Email: flowerpetalbeads@yahoo.com
Phone: 217-412-3827
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